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Building a Community at Yogurt Station

Yogurt Station Logo

With 8 million tourists passing by yearly on the way to Yosemite, GRS customer Jeff Goschen, owner of Yogurt Station, prefers to focus on building a community among locals in his town of Oakdale, CA.  His approach may be unconventional but his results are remarkable!

It starts with the facility - not your ordinary strip-mall yogurt shop!  Jeff has turned a 4 acre property and former car wash into a community center of sorts, complete with arcade, outdoor scooter/skateboard area, ping pong table, community car wash facilities, outdoor movie nights and more.

Quick Tip: Email Yourself Reports from Vital Link POS

VitalLink can E-mail Reports

Looking for your Vital Link Point-of-Sale System to do something new for you?  Vital Link now has the added benefit of being able to automatically E-mail you select reports at end of day close with the latest version 4.200.2003! 

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QuickTip: Internal Gift Cards in VitalLink POS


Vital Link POS has a feature that’s “Best in the Business” but not widely known.  For single unit operators, or multi-unit operators using Pay Pros or Mercury, Vital Link offers a phenomenal Gift Card tool.

Selling a gift card is simple:

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