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Loyalty Programs- Reward Your Customers, Reward Your Restaurant

Restaurant Loyalty Programs

How much is a single loyal customer worth to your pizza shop? If you guessed in the hundreds or low thousands, you may want to rethink your customer loyalty strategy. According to a recent Forbes study the average lifetime value of one customer is $25,000 with repeat cusomers accounting for 70% of sales in most casual dining restaurants. So how can a customer loyalty program benefit your business?

A Year in Review- Top Restaurant Tips for Success

Restaurant POS, Restaurant Marketing, 2013 Restaurant Trends

From unique marketing ideas to surviving the chaos of the holidays, we covered lots of great tips and strategies for improving your business this year. We've compiled a quick list of our most popular posts from 2013 in technology, restaurant operations, and customer loyalty. Be sure to bookmark this page as a reference for 2014 planning!

5 Easy Steps to Profit-Maximized Online Ordering

online ordering, restaurant online ordering, mobile ordering

Today’s customers expect their favorite eateries to be available online, but many restaurant owners still have questions. How do you know if your business is ready for online and mobile ordering and what’s the best way to get started? Here are 5 steps to choosing the right technology and strategies for making the most of your online and mobile ordering system.

Restaurant Loyalty Rewards ROI: Real Results from Real Restaurants


Restaurant loyalty programs are the hottest marketing trend in the industry right now, and for good reason.  They work.  How do we know?  We've been studying some of our clients to learn more about how exactly a loyalty program can pay off.

Your Mobile Customer: Are you putting out the welcome mat?

mobile ordering software

A recent international survey by Time magazine found that 80% of respondents felt they could not survive a single day without their cell phone.  50% of Americans sleep with their phone right next to them, and 20% compulsively check their phone every 10 minutes or more.  There’s even a new word for the the fear of losing your phone:  Nomophobia. Upwards of 67% of us may suffer from it.

Replacing your Pizza Point-of-Sale System? 6 Keys To Success

pizza point of sale software

At Pizza Expo last month, I spoke with a number of restaurant owners who were in the market for a new point-of-sale system.  Many had been using their old system for over a decade, and were limping along with barely-functional hardware and ancient software.  They've been trying to postpone the inevitable, but have finally realized that the benefits of a new point-of-sale system are compelling and the time to upgrade is now.   

How To Grow Your Restaurant With The Right Technology

restaurant point of sale software

Today, more than ever, we love shiny new gadgets.  We line up for the latest technology innovation, even it its just a tiny bit better than the last big thing.  We blindly accept the notion that technology is good for us.  But if you are looking to grow your business, is technology the answer?  Will your investment pay off?  Here’s some common techniques you may try to grow your business - and how technology can help.

Your Restaurant's Busiest Days: Survival Tips!

Plan Ahead

The busiest season for restaurants is now upon us. For pizza restaurants, Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve, New Years Eve, New Years Day and the Superbowl make up the biggest days of the year.  Prepare for that rush by making the most of your restaurant software, planning ahead, and staying calm!

Text Messaging: A Powerful Restaurant Marketing Tool

describe the image

If you haven't considered adding text messages to your restaurant marketing mix, here's some compelling reasons to do so - and some tips for success!    Text messaging is rapidly becoming an important tool for restaurant marketers - and for good reason.

Need a laugh? Check out funny pizza box art!


Check out theChive's funny pizza box art thread AND share your funny pizza box art or order requests with us!

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