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The Self Serve Restaurant - It's all about more beer!


Recently, I was having dinner with my family at a favorite local brew pub.  As is typical at this establishment, the service was slow - we waited 20 minutes or so to place our drink order.  When we received our food, we were missing one of the most important meals - my young daughter's grilled cheese.  And as we enjoyed our food, we were ready to order another round of beers - but by the time our server made it back to our table, we were done eating and just asked for the check.

The IKEA Effect @ Your Restaurant: Customization Increases Loyalty and Spending.


Every restaurant owner understands, innately, that customers like customization.  From "Hold the mayo" to "Can I have a salad instead of fries", custom requests happen daily.  

Pizza Expo: Pizza Technology Wrap-up

GRS iPad restaurant ordering app

Every March, the pizza industry gathers at Pizza Expo to see what's new, learn about the industry, and meet old friends.  For GRS, it's an amazing opportunity to hear first hand how we're doing and how we can better serve our customers.   We learned a lot this year and got some great feedback.  

Putting Mobile Tech in the Restaurant


Growing up in New York City in the 50s and 60s I have very clear memories of my family’s decision to replace an important piece of furniture in our house. The beautiful console, Danish style black and white television was to be removed and replaced with a color TV. My family was “cutting edge”; no one was sure whether the networks were going to produce sufficient color programming to make the investment worthwhile.

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