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QuickTip: Internal Gift Cards in VitalLink POS


Vital Link POS has a feature that’s “Best in the Business” but not widely known.  For single unit operators, or multi-unit operators using Pay Pros or Mercury, Vital Link offers a phenomenal Gift Card tool.

Selling a gift card is simple:

  1. In menu painter, define a GROUP for gift cards. No need to do a “Cash Receipt/Paid In”
  2. Menu items (Specialty) can be fixed values, like $25 card, $50 card, etc. Just label the Specialty as you’d like it to read and print, check the “Gift Card” box, and add a price
  3. You can (and should) also define a variable amount Gift Card by just checking the Gift Card box for  a Specialty AND checking “Variable Price” this allows you to Sell a card for $27, $33 or whatever.  Also, with a single keystroke, put the CHANGE from a cash transaction back on the gift card. That’s right, you can “recharge” a customer’s Gift Card with a SINGLE KEYSTROKE at the end of a sale.
  4. You can also set up a balance inquiry by creating a Specialty which is a gift card, just leaving the menu price at ZERO

Redeeming cards is just as easy. Just set up a payment method and ensure the TYPE is set to GIFT CARD. The software will do the rest.

This is a great feature that sets your ability to service your customers and their friends better than anyone.

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