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Quick Tip: Email Yourself Reports from Vital Link POS

Posted by Adam Green, Vital Link Product Manager

Tue, Jul 03, 2012 @ 04:14 PM

VitalLink can E-mail ReportsLooking for your Vital Link Point-of-Sale System to do something new for you?  Vital Link now has the added benefit of being able to automatically E-mail you select reports at end of day close with the latest version 4.200.2003! 

If you are wondering what version you are on -  simply login to your POS and at the Main splash screen where you can choose Take Order, Management, etc. At the top left you will be able to see the version number.  There are a few minimum requirements that your hardware and operating system need to be able to support the latest released version of Vital Link and the support staff can provide you with the documentation to get you on your way to the upgrade. 


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