Make Credit Card Processing Easy & Secure!

GRS offers fast, reliable, secure and affordable credit card processing for all our products through our outstanding direct payment processing partners.   Benefits of processing directly with our partners include: 

  • Competitive Rates.  Because of our bulk buying power we can offer you an unbeatable processing rate.
  • High Speed Processing.   Online payment acceptance has a typical authorization time of 2-4 seconds.
  • Convenient Processing Within Your POS System.  No 3rd party software or separate machines to share.  Each POS terminal can quickly and easily process your transactions.
  • Advanced Security Features.  Never store any cardholder data at your store.
  • Encrypted Swipe Capability.   Card data is encrypted at the point of swipe rendering the information unreadable by anyone by the card processor.
  • Gift Card Programs.  Include gift cards with your program.
  • Top Quality Customer Service by our partners' expert staff in conjunction with GRS.  Our partnership means we can provide coordinated, seamless service. 
Ask your sales representative to include integrated credit processing with your choice of partner on your system purchase.
Can't leave your current processor?  Ask about our Gateway processing option!