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Restaurant Call Center

A restaurant call center is a solid business plan to improve efficiency and customer service when managing a high volume of phone orders for pick-up or delivery.  From 3 stores to 300, the FireFly point-of-sale system technology can seamlessly manage your call center environment. 

  • Call center agents take orders on our graphical, easy to use POS interface.
  • Automatically select the proper store location based on customer address.
  • System displays available items and correct prices based on store selected.
  • Orders are sent to the FireFly POS at the store, where they automatically appear and print. 
  • Call center reports help you measure volume and productivity. 
  • Our call center system is affordable to implement and simple to use.
A Few Call Center Clients include:
                                        pizza stuff logo          ThaiSquare logo
Call Center                          Call Center in              Call Center in London, UK
Case Study:  DaVinci's         Mexicali, Mexico     

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