FireFly Point-of-Sale


International Support

The FireFly point-of-sale system is in use succesfully around the globe aiding pizza, delivery, and quick service operations with improved order taking, efficient customer service, and extensive business management tools.

  • Fully featured point-of-sale and business management tools
  • Browser-based technology uses up-to-date web tools for remote management and support.
  • Customizable address,phone, date and currency formatting to meet local standards.
  • Google map & driving directions integration works internationally.
  • Fully featured VAT tax support.
  • Partial language customization.
  • Easy multi-store remote admininstration and menu management.
  • Integrated call center features.
  • Integration with online ordering and customer loyalty solutions.
Notable international clients include:
hellpizza     elevation pizza stuff logo ThaiSquare logo
with implementations in New Zealand, Ireland, England, Mexico, Canada, Oman, Kuwait.