Granbury Sales Builder: Simple, Automated Restaurant Marketing

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Powerful Marketing ... Powerful Results! 

SB Reward On Phone
Who has time for marketing?  You do, with this powerful, automated customer loyalty program - Granbury SalesBuilder!   Put your marketing on auto-pilot but relax knowing that your customers will be reached at just the right time, with just the right message.   SalesBuilder is more than an e-mail marketing system, more than a customer loyalty program.  It's a powerful business builder that will help you build a loyal base of repeat visitors! With SalesBuilder you can:

heartConsolidate Customer Data

Tired of managing multiple customer lists - from your website, your POS system, your online orders and your e-mail list?  Simplify by consolidating all your customer data into one central system. With SalesBuilder, all customer data - across all your stores - will end up in one central location and will automatically be eligible for the e-mail & text messaging programs you set up.  >MORE>

describe the imageAutomate Your Marketing

Don't send the same boring messages to every customer once a month!   Make your messages truly powerful and meaningful to your individuals based on their behavior!   SalesBuilder stands apart from other marketing programs because it tracks your customer behavior - how much they spend and when they spend it.  Then it can respond by sending the right message at the right time . . . your customers will be delighted!  Communicate via e-mail, text message and direct mail - all automatically.   What's more, because every e-mail, text message and every special offer sent is 100% trackable, you have control over your offers and your results. >MORE>

describe the imageReward Your Customers

Keep your customers coming back with our powerful rewards system.  You choose whether toRewards cards issue loyalty cards or just work off e-mail or phone number.  Either way, our POS-integrated solution tracks every purchase and automatically sends customers a reward certificate when they've earned it.  Or, you can "surprise" your customers with a reward they've earned by prompting next time they order.    No POS?  No problem, this 100% web-based program makes it easy to post transactions directly.  >MORE>

promotionAttract New Business

Leverage the power of your loyal customers to attract new customers to your business with our highly effective "Refer a Friend" bonus feature.   Use "Promo codes" to issue special one-time-use trial offers and register more customers for your marketing program!

networkConnect To Your Community

Use the powerful Affiliates feature to join forces with community organizations and give back to local groups.  Affiliates can sign up members on their personal sign up page, and earn rewards for all their member spending.  Not only will you attract new customers, your existing customers will spend more knowing their purchases help their favorite team, school or church. 

describe the imageGain Valuable Feedback

Send surveys after purchases to gain instant feedback from your customers.  You'll see their feedback and can easily respond to positive and negative comments.

And Even more!

  • Powerful web dashboard lets you monitor your results
  • Enterprise features let you compare and manage multiple locations