Our Solutions

describe the imageThe Data Warehouse: Numbers 2 Knowledge

Numbers 2 Knowledge, our secure, hosted Data Warehouse solution, gives you sales, labor and inventory analysis, food ordering and management tools all specifically designed for NBC's business procedures.  >Learn More

describe the imageRS-POS: Register, PC Terminal, Reporting, Security

RS-POS is the perfect front-end machine to get your real-world business data from your store.  Ring up an order, clock-in an employee, and manage your business.  >Learn More

describe the imageSalesBuilder: Customer Loyalty Rewards & Marketing

Automate your marketing, reward your customers, build loyalty and connect with the community with SalesBuilder, our powerful marketing solution.  >Learn More

videoSurveillanceR-Cam: Webcam Surveillance

R-Cam delivers live loss-prevention integrated with the RS-POS and Data Warehouse.  View triggered events and live, full-color video from anywhere, anytime.  >Learn More

MusicR-Tunes: Streaming Music via RS-POS

R-Tunes provides affordable music streaming for your store. Choose which type of ambient music you wish to play, directly from the RS-POS.  >Learn More   


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