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Secure Credit Card Processing



Rest Easy with Credit Card Processing You Can Trust


When you open your doors to accept credit cards in your business, you've opened your doors to a huge potential liability. Maintaining proper security requires using the right tools and choosing the right partners. When you choose Granbury Solutions as your technology expert, we give you more than general reassurances about your data security. GS offers fast, reliable, secure and affordable credit card processing for all our products with Granbury Payments.

Introducing Granbury Payments

Granbury preferred processing is a new program we launched to help ease the burden of having to deal with yet another company to get your system up and running. We use our buying power to give you a group negotiated rate to ensure you get a fair rate backed with value and services.

Granbury has also negotiated fees to ensure they represent a true service or cost. Granbury is not a processor and rates are negotiated rates on behalf of our clients. If you would like to use your current provider or search for your own... you can do that too!

Make Credit Card Processing Easy & Secure

grey-grey-check  Competitive Rates.  Because of our bulk buying power we can offer you an unbeatable processing rate.

grey-grey-checkgrey-grey-check  High Speed Processing.   Online payment acceptance has a typical authorization time of 2-4 seconds.

grey-grey-check  Convenient Processing Within Your POS System.  No 3rd party software or separate machines to share.  Each POS terminal can quickly and easily process your transactions.

grey-grey-check  Advanced Security Features.  Never store any cardholder data at your store.

grey-grey-check  Encrypted Swipe Capability.   Card data is encrypted at the point of swipe rendering the information unreadable by anyone but the card processor.

grey-grey-check  Gift Card Programs.  Include gift cards with your program.

PCI Compliance – What's That?


pci-logoPCI stands for Payment Card Industry, which has established the PCI Security Standards Council to hold merchants and payment applications to high standards for security of cardholder data. Since July 2010, all merchants who take credit cards must maintain PCI compliance. Your responsibility to be PCI Compliant goes beyond using certified software – it also means securing your computer network, controlling access to cardholder data and regularly monitoring your system. Granbury Solutions can help you fulfill the obligations of PCI compliance.

Your Restaurant Owner's Guide to EMV

EMVguideCTAIf you process credit cards in your restaurant, you’re probably starting to hear about new payment technology and the upcoming EMV Liability shift. Also called “Chip-and-Signature,” EMV is quickly becoming the global standard for secure credit card payments as these cards contain an embedded chip that protects cardholder information from becoming vulnerable to fraud.Download our Free Guide to learn more.


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Network Security Solutions



To help you navigate the challenging requirements of credit card and network security, we’ve teamed up with TrustWave, a leading provider of managed network and PCI compliance services. As Granbury’s official network security partner, TrustWave can help you protect your business and your customers.

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Hospitalilty Tip Sheet - 5 Essential Data Security Actions to Take Now


Hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés account for almost 33% of the data breach investigations carried out by Trustwave in 2013.  With customers sharing experiences on social media in real-time, one data breach can potentially turn away a whole segment of your audience in a blink of an eye. . With your business in mind, here is an easy 5-step tip sheet to help you assess the situation and setup a more secure environment starting today.


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