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restaurant-loyalty-marketingAutomated Restaurant Loyalty Marketing. Powerful Results.

“Increasing customer loyalty by a mere five percentage points can actually increase profits by more than 65 percent and growth by more than 100 percent.” 

With Thr!ve Loyalty, you can keep customers coming back more often.  Our powerful, automated marketing system targets customers with just the right message and offer based on their behavior.  More than a traditional "Buy 10 Get 1 Free" loyalty program - Thr!ve Loyalty reaches out to your customers regularly.  Set it up and forget it -- they won't forget you!


All Your Customer Data - All in One Place

Is your valuable customer data scattered around town? Multiple store point-of-sale systems, online ordering systems, email lists, catering lists, and more? Thr!ve Loyalty puts all your data - from all your locations, in one convenient central database - automatically.

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Get Social with Your Customer Data      pizza_girl_social_scores3-1.jpg


Get to know your customers better with Thr!ve loyalty's Social Profiles.  When a customer enrolls with their email address, we'll scour the internet to find out everything we can about them - and supplement their profile with publicly available photos, contact information and more.  From Facebook to Foursquare to Twitter, you'll find out how many followers they have and what their Klout score is - all valuable information to help you segment and appeal to your customers.   Perhaps your "social influencers" would deserve a special invite to try your newest menu creation, while those active on Twitter would be most likely to share your amazing Tuesday night deal.  


Automate Your Marketing

Don’t send the same boring message to everyone! Make the chore of marketing simple with Thr!ve Loyalty’s automated customer nurturing campaigns. The right message in the right format (email or text) at just the right time will keep customers coming back. Each campaign is triggered based on individual customer behavior:  rewards for big spenders, incentives for your less frequent visitors.


Reward Your Customers

Keep customers coming back with powerful reward options. Thr!ve Loyalty is fully integrated with all GRS point-of-sale systems and online ordering, so all transactions are tracked. When customers earn a reward, don’t keep it a secret! We’ll let them know - so they’ll hurry back to redeem it, securely, online or in store. "Suprise and delight" your customers with in-store prompts that let them know they have a reward available.  No POS system? No problem, this 100% web-based program lets you post transactions directly, or lets customers check-in at your location to earn points.



Gather Feedback

How did we do? A simple question that can yield powerful results. Thr!ve loyalty lets you automate the feedback process and reward your customers for participating.


Connect with the Community

Attract new customers with powerful referral and affiliate marketing incentives. Your customers will spend more knowing their purchases help a favorite team or charity.


Empower Your Enterprise

Empower your local personnel with easy marketing templates, and broadcast tools while retaining control over the process from start to finish and supporting their efforts with national / corporate messaging.

Restaurant Loyalty: Proven ROI

Will a restaurant loyalty program pay off for your business?   

We've worked with restaurant owners around the country implementing effective loyalty solutions. Benefits include increased customer frequency, higher ticket averages, increased enrollments, better new customer conversion, reduced discounting, and increased customer retention.


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Get the Plan that is Right for You!

We've got pricing for every pocket with affordable packages customized to meet your needs. Let us help you create a hardware and software solution to help you grow your business. 

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