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Restaurant Loyalty Marketing

Restaurant Loyalty Marketing


Proven ROI for Loyalty

Loyalty programs have long been proven to be the most cost-effective and successful way to bring customers back to your restaurant more often. The strategic value of your customer data - and powerful ability to target customers with rewards and incentives based on their actual behavior - makes loyalty programs the secret weapon of many top restaurants. As they quickly grow in consumer popularity, fueled by the immense millennial hunger for rewards, restaurant loyalty programs are quickly becoming a must-have to compete.


According to actual results from our restaurant owners:

Increase Enrollments


Loyalty programs fuel 3.38 x higher sign ups than an email program.

Increase Ticket Averages


Loyalty members spend $2.14 x more per transaction - even after loyalty rewards.

Become a Regular


A new guest who signs up for loyalty is 2.25x more likely to return a 2nd time and 4.66x more likely to return 2 or more times compared to a non-loyalty guest.

Increase Customer Frequency


Loyalty customers visit, on average, 3.24x more per year than non-loyalty customers.


Thr!ve Loyalty: Easy, Flexible, Automated 

The key to a successful loyalty program? Make it easy! Easy for customers to enroll, easy for cashiers during the busy lunch shift, and easy for you to “set and forget”! Thr!ve Loyalty integrates your loyalty program throughout your operation - so customers can order online or in-store and still earn and redeem rewards. Use just a phone # or email, or use loyalty cards - it’s up to you! Customers can earn and redeem rewards across your enterprise.

Thr!ve Loyalty integrates with leading point-of-sale systems - including all Granbury brands - or use our iPad Check-in app at your register.

Restaurant Loyalty Marketing

A Winning Campaign

Those “Buy 10 Get 1 Free” punch card type loyalty programs are so last century!  But many so-called modern programs have put a high tech gloss on the same old concept. Thr!ve Loyalty is different - because it not only rewards your customers, it adds flexible marketing automation tools that are the key to reminding customers about your amazing restaurant. Here’s just a few ways you can automatically trigger communications - either via email or text - to your loyal customers:


Welcome To The Program


Points Earned


$ Spent


# Of Times Visited




Family Birthday


Enroll Anniversary


Haven’t Visited In So Long




Half Birthday


Near A Reward


Lifetime Spend


Our marketing experts will help you craft the perfect campaign - complete with secure 1-time use offers that are appropriate for your business - and customized email & text message templates that get your brand message across.  

Want even more power?  Upgrade your customers like the airlines do - with customizable program levels that loyal members qualify for with spending. Each level means a different campaign - for unlimited flexibility in how you reward your VIPs.



Reach Out to Your Customers

Don’t choose between a powerful email system and a hip text message solution -- get the best of both with Thr!ve loyalty. Your customer can choose how they prefer to get your content - - you can back it up with “surprise and delight” rewards that show up in their online account or when they order at the restaurant.

Enrollment will soar with automated Facebook promotion of your loyalty program.  Just schedule your Facebook posts within Thr!ve loyalty, and we’ll take care of keeping your program in front of your fans.

Keep Customers in the know with a customized profile page - where they can check point balances & available offers at any time. 


Gather Feedback

How did we do? A simple question that can yield powerful results. Thr!ve loyalty lets you automate the feedback process and reward your customers for participating.


Connect with the Community

Attract new customers with powerful referral and affiliate marketing incentives. Your customers will spend more knowing their purchases help a favorite team or charity.


Empower Your Enterprise

Empower your local personnel with easy marketing templates, and broadcast tools while retaining control over the process from start to finish and supporting their efforts with national / corporate messaging.

Insights You Can Act On 

Your customer data is immensely valuable to your business. With Thr!ve Loyalty, customer records from all your restaurant locations will be consolidated in one secure system - so you can get real insight into customer behavior.

Targeted Customer Datatoon_target_cust_data.jpg

Slice and dice customers based on order history. Get details on who orders online and who doesn’t, who orders for delivery or pickup, who favors lunch over dinner.

Business Boost On Demand


Use Thr!ve Loyalty’s Business Boosting tools to send a message to your customers at any time - via email or text. Use our template library and attach an offer to bring customers in on that slow night.

Results - Quantified


Graphs & charts will illustrate how your program’s doing, which stores are most successful, and how many customers are returning again and again because of your loyalty program.

 Get Social with Your Customer Data


pizza_girl_social_scores3-1.jpgGet to know your customers better with Thr!ve loyalty's Social Profiles.  When a customer enrolls with their email address, we'll scour the internet to find out everything we can about them - and supplement their profile with publicly available photos, contact information and more.  From Facebook to Foursquare to Twitter, you'll find out how many followers they have and what their Klout score is - all valuable information to help you segment and appeal to your customers. Perhaps your "social influencers" would deserve a special invite to try your newest menu creation, while those active on Twitter would be most likely to share your amazing Tuesday night deal.  

 Loyalty with Proven Results

Granbury Solutions has pioneered direct response loyalty marketing for our clients - and we’ve got proven results.


1.6 M

Customers Enrolled


1 M

Messages Sent Monthly


$3 M

Loyalty Transactions Monthly

"Loyalty Marketing helps to keep customers interested and Flyer’s competitive. We use Sales Builder to send special offers to loyal customers and this is our biggest ROI...period!”

- Flyer's Pizza & Subs

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