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Your Customer Data Working Hard for You!

Thr!ve Loyalty makes it easy to gather customer data in one central location - data you can use to build your Sales Builder Loyalty Rewardsbusiness! 

  • Automatic customer enrollment integrated with your POS means customer data is instantly sent to your database.
  • Prompt employees to gather e-mail addresses or phone numbers for orders.
  • Integrated online ordering sign up & "Text to Join" options
  • Automatically send an "activation" request to customers to gather additional data like birthdays and anniversaries
  • Automatically manages unsubscribe requests for you.
  • Use customer loyalty cards if you want -- or just work off an e-mail or phone #. 
  • Customized Tags let you track extra data about your customers' interests and preferences.
  • Easily import and export data 
  • Track customer data across multiple stores, while sharing data with all the locations under your brand. 
  • Separate customers and create custom campaigns for different groups.
  • Unlimited broadcast e-mail and on demand broadcast texts.

Thr!ve Loyalty Features


 Great Start! 


 Right for Most! 


 Power Marketer!  

Auto Enroll - POS Integration

Thr!ve, FireFly, Vital Link, DiamondTouch, R-Stream

Coffee Shop Manager


Customized sign up form embedded on your website


Detailed customer profile

  • Use loyalty cards, e-mail or mobile phone
  • Customizable tags let you gather more info
  • Export customer data


Centralized Customer Database w/Export


Basic Loyalty Automated Messages with 4 offers:  
  • Welcome New Customers
  • Happy Birthday
  • 1 Activity Reward Level 
  • 1 Lost Customer Level


Advanced Loyalty Message with up to 10 offers adding:
  • Web Activation Reward for completing profile
  • Escalated Lost Customer Incentive
  • Anniversary 
  • Half b’day 
  • Family b’day
  • Refer a friend
  • Lifetime Spend award(s)
  • Near A Reward message(s)
  • Transaction value message

Text Messaging
  • Customizable "Text to Join" option
  • Campaign messages via text or e-mail
  • Customizable keywords to segment customers
  • Broadcast text messages for an instant boost
  • Low per text message rates apply to broadcasts


Avail. + 

Reports Dashboard


Customizable, barcoded, one-time-use offers


Import existing customer lists  


Invitation Campaign for Imported Lists



Refer-a-friend bonus offers  

Community Marketing with Affiliates  

Bonus Point Days and Hours  

Integration with GRS online ordering

Instant broadcast e-mail to boost business any time  

Scheduled & Broadcast Facebook Posts  

Social Profiles gather social info on your customers    

Multi-store capable  

Program Levels Upgrade Based on Spend History


✔ (1 level)

✔ (ulmtd)

Multiple Customizable Campaigns    

Customer Satisfaction Surveys    

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