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Drivers Driving You Nuts?

We’ve got a handle on making driver checkout a painless process. Complete accountability, lots of ways to pay drivers (including Google-calculated mileage reimbursement and automatic tip credit wage while on the road).  Top notch security and control over drops, runs, and who gets to take what delivery when.  You can even track expected coupons and compare performance with our extensive driver reports.

Looking for even more delivery data?  Our driver mobile app, Dr!ve, helps keep your drivers informed, tracks their location, and lets you know exactly when that delivery is made.

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pic_deliveryDeliver on Time

Customizable promise times let you track exactly what you are committing to customers. Automatic updates to your online ordering and color coding on the dispatch screen let you keep track. Miss your promised times on a few? Run the late delivery report and generate mailing labels for a personal apology that same night.



Stay on the Map

Check out the location of your next delivery, or map a whole run with point-to-point driving directions and street view - so you can see the house before you deliver to it!  You can even map all your deliveries for the day to see what neighborhoods are hot. 

Control Freak


Control everything about your delivery business.  You dictate your restaurant’s valid delivery areas, times, and minimum order requirements - even ban trouble customers from future deliveries.   Use Google Maps to draw your delivery area and validate each order as it comes in.    Send customers an e-mail confirmation when they order, or a notification when the driver is assigned.  Pop-up a reminder to your driver to remember the 2-liters and napkins.

We've got restaurant delivery down to a science.  Let us help you control this vital part of your restaurant's operation. 


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The right technology can help a restaurant owner successfully manage delivery operations. Granbury Solutions has a free guide that covers all you need to know about choosing the right point-of-sale system to manage your delivery operation.

Direct Marketing Aimed at Today's Deliveries
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Send coupons to customers that received a delivery today using the Save Criteria Feature in Thr!ve POS. This is an easy way to reward loyal customers and get your daily marketing done in 5 minutes time. Thr!ve makes it easy to export mailing labels and get those Thank You coupons in their hands to get them ordering again and again. 

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Tips to Beat the
Big Guys Webinar

As a restaurant owner, it's no surprise that you face fierce competition in the food industry. With more and more chain restaurants opening every day, independent and small chain eateries across the nation are turning to new strategies to help them compete against major brands. In this presentation, we give you practical tips to help you outwit and outsmart your competition.  Watch Recording