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POS-employeeKeep Employees Informed

Thr!ve Point of Sale helps centralize communications with your employess  through the built-in messaging functions.  Send alerts about scheduling, notifications about time off approval and reminders about holidays.

Last minute changes?  No problem - alert employees to schedule updates with scheduled email alerts.

tablet_alerts2Easily Control your Labor Costs

Thr!ve is designed to help keep you ahead of the ever changing environment in your restaurant. With manager alerts, you can be sure that you are warned of impending overtime to help control salary costs. Packed with other useful alerts such as warning on expired driver's licenses for your drivers, Thr!ve ensures you never miss a beat. 

Call Center/One-number Ordering: Benefits for Restaurant Operations of All Sizes


If you're looking to streamline your order taking process to increase accuracy and improve service, a call center solution can help. Call centers can reduce labor costs, improve check averages, and provide new opportunities for marketing your business. Learn how today's technology makes implementation of a call center a viable option for any sized restaurant! 



Streamline Employee Scheduling

Build your schedule ahead of time to a forecasted labor budget based on an hourly breakdown of projected sales and delivery count.  This ensures you are not overstaffing for your budget at any given time.  Most restaurant owners find trends in staffing.  Create weekly templates that can easily be applied and modified for future shifts.  Make time off requests easy with a click of the button.  With Thrive employees can submit electronic requests for time off to be approved or rejected by managers.

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Worry-Free Labor Management

Enjoy our worry free labor Management with Thrive's integrated training videos and a special "training mode" you can now take orders, dispatch drivers, and close shifts without affecting system totals.   Thrive's instant messaging feature and internal email system keep important communications on record so you know what was said to whom and when.

Ever have trouble keeping employees on task and getting them to return from breaks ontime?  Break rules help you enforce labor law requirements by automatically scheduling appropriate breaks per shift and reminding employees when it is time for a break.


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Get your one-terminal Thr!ve POS form just $99 per month. Or enjoy affordable monthly subscription options to get the complete POS & Business management bundle. 

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