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Why Thr!ve?

See How Easy Order Taking Can Be!


Simplify the order process with Thr!ve. Conversational ordering means your employees can ring up orders the way your customers say them. Vivid graphics and an easy touch screen improve order accuracy and makes training a snap.  Watch our order demonstration video to learn how a simplified order process can help your business.

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restuarant customer experienceService that will Turn your Customers into Loyal Fans!

Thr!ve’s Rear Display improves the look of your brand while showing customers what they are ordering. On screen signature and email receipt put customers in control! 

Join us for an informative webinar on Thr!ve POS and learn how you can change your customer experience and increase sales.

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Customized Orders

Your customers are picky. Get their order right with easy order customizing. Our order process makes sure nothing is forgotten, while easy modifier & fractional orders mean complex orders are right the first time. Order from anywhere in your restaurant with a light-weight iPad or Android tablet. Our restaurant software puts you in control. 

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Streamline Coupons


Eliminate coupon confusion! Thr!ves Smart Coupon feature ensures that the right coupon is applied only when valid. Complex value deal rules and requirements keep your discounts on track. 


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Kitchen Powerhouse

Getting it right for production is where Thr!ve really shines. Use our intelligent kitchen routing system to manage your makeline efficiently. Packed with tons of customizable features - Thr!ve tablet POS helps you streamline the communication between front and back of house.






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